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February Recap: Best Blog Posts and Videos!

February was a busy month, and Speakly learners continued to study hard, after a successful month of January. One Speakly user reached a 500 day streak (daily goals reached in a row) in February, which is absolutely crazy. During the month, people from over 30 countries signed up to learn with Speakly and so many of you joined the Premium plan to support us in our mission. Thank you!

In the span of the month of February, Speakly users cumulatively studied for as much time as there is in ten years! 🤯

Best Videos from February

If you haven't already subscribed to the Speakly YouTube channel, click here to check it out. We post fun and useful content every Wednesday and Saturday! 🚀

Here is a recap of the best videos from February:

➡️ Discover Your Learning Style | The Secret to Increasing your Learning Speed 💥Watch the video 💥

➡️ 3 Reasons Not to Study Too Many Words per Day 💥Watch the video 💥

➡️ How I Learn Languages MYSELF | polyglot tips 📚 💥Watch the video 💥

Best Blog Posts from February

We publish new blog posts every Thursday, so be sure to check them out weekly! 🚀

➡️ 3 Reasons Not to Study Too Many Words per Day 💥Read the blog post💥

➡️ The Best Language-Learning Strategy for Beginners 💥Read the blog post💥

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