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Introducing Speakly's Gold Club: Earn Free Airline Vouchers with Your Language-Learning Streak!

Whether you're learning a language for work, personal growth, or travel, Speakly has always been dedicated to making the process fun, engaging, and effective. Today, we're excited to introduce a new feature that takes your language-learning journey to new heights—literally!

Say hello to the Speakly Gold Club, a feature that rewards your hard work and dedication to language learning with free airline vouchers. With the Gold Club, your language-learning progress can take you to your dream destinations around the world.

How Speakly's Gold Club Works

The Gold Club is designed to motivate you to achieve your daily learning goals and build a consistent streak. When you reach a streak of seven days or more, you'll be in the running for free airline vouchers from the airline company of your choice. Among all learners who have a streak of seven days or more, three 100-euro airline vouchers will be given out every Monday. 😎

Here's how it works:

  1. Achieve your daily goal: Stay committed and complete your daily goal every day to build your streak.

  2. Unlock Gold Club rewards: Once you achieve a streak of seven days or more, you'll start taking part in the weekly lottery for free airline vouchers from your preferred airline company.

  3. If you win, we will contact you and send you the airline vouchers of your preference to encourage you to practice your acquired language skills while traveling.

Why We Created the Gold Club

At Speakly, we believe that language learning is a journey that can open doors to new opportunities, experiences, and personal growth. Traveling to a country where the language you're learning is spoken can be one of the most rewarding and immersive experiences you can have.

We also understand that maintaining motivation and consistency in language learning can be challenging. That's why we created the Gold Club—to reward your dedication to learning and inspire you to keep going. With the Gold Club, you'll have a tangible goal to work toward, giving you that extra push to achieve your daily goals and immerse yourself in the language you're learning.

Tips for Maintaining Your Streak

To help you make the most of the Gold Club, here are some tips for maintaining your streak and maximizing your rewards:

  1. Set realistic goals: Choose a daily goal that is achievable and sustainable for your schedule.

  2. Use Speakly's features: Take advantage of Speakly's diverse range of activities, lessons, and resources to keep your learning experience engaging and enjoyable.

  3. Stay accountable: Share your goals and progress with friends, family, or other Speakly learners to keep yourself accountable and motivated.

  4. Celebrate your achievements: Celebrate your milestones, no matter how small. Each day you achieve your goal brings you one step closer to your dream destination.

Ready to join the Gold Club?

Get started today by updating your Speakly app, setting your daily goal, and building your streak. Who knows? Your next language lesson could become the ticket to your dream vacation!

Happy learning and safe travels!

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6 comentários

That is a nice incentive! Has anyone won already?😅

Respondendo a

Hey Speakly community, let us know if someone really wins a voucher :) Curious to know if it's true. If someone is winning every week, it must be a lot of people!


14 de ago. de 2023

Speakly already became my daily routine, but this will be extra motivation


Alexis Dufort
Alexis Dufort
03 de ago. de 2023

Congrats! Nice incentive 🚀


Sophia Truman
Sophia Truman
24 de jun. de 2023

What a smart incentive! Thanks 👍


András Illés
András Illés
10 de jun. de 2023

It is a lovely idea, thanks guys!

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