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We have some exciting news to end 2020

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

We have done some massive updates to Speakly in 2020, and to finish the year with our biggest update yet, we're glad to announce that it's now possible to learn with Speakly for FREE as well!

How does that work?

It's very simple: If you don't have a Premium plan but would still like to improve your language skills, you can do so with the free (limited) version of Speakly, which is available for Speakly mobile apps. 😎

And if you find that Speakly is really valuable to you, you can always join the Premium plan, which gives you all of the Speakly Premium benefits. 👌

The free version* includes the following.

  • Learn up to 5 words per day.

  • Learn using the multiple-choice method.

* Only available on mobile apps

The Premium plan includes the following.

  • Learn unlimited words per day.

  • Learn vocabulary with different methods: writing, multiple-choice questions, or a combination of these two options for even more diverse studies.

  • Review learned words.

  • Improve your comprehension skills with listening exercises.

  • Practice speaking using real-life scenarios.

  • Get inspiring music recommendations.

  • Train your pronunciation with our voice recognition system.

  • Learn on the web in addition to the mobile app.

  • Get additional study content to perfect grammar.

As you can see, the Premium plan includes everything you need to really get your language skills to a higher level. And of course, the Premium plan is extremely affordable, with prices starting from just 4.58 EUR per month. 😎

But that doesn't mean that the free version is not useful—it is! It also includes different exercises to develop each branch of the language—vocabulary, writing, speaking and comprehension.

Let's share this awesome news with friends

We're so excited that Speakly is now available for everybody. So, if you have friends or family members who would like to improve their language skills, let them know that they can now study with Speakly for free! 🚀

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