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January Recap: Best Blog Posts and Videos!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

January was a busy month, and Speakly learners had an awesome start to the year! One day, a learner listened to our listening exercises for five hours. Another Speakly user learned 78 new words in one day. And a third Speakly user invited 28 friends to join Speakly in a single day.

In the span of the month of January, Speakly users have cumulatively studied for as much time as there is in eight years. Yeah, that's crazy! 🤯

Best Videos from January

If you haven't already subscribed to the Speakly YouTube channel, click here to check it out. We post fun and useful content every Tuesday and Thursday! 🚀

Here is a recap of the best videos from January:

➡️ How Many Countries Can You Name? 💥Watch the video 💥

➡️ How To Say "HELLO!" In 41 Different Languages 💥Watch the video 💥

➡️ Singing “Frère Jacques” In 5 Different Languages 💥Watch the video 💥

Best Blog Posts from January

We publish new blog posts every Wednesday, so be sure to check them out weekly! 🚀

➡️ We wrote a blog post to make learning verbs MUCH easier. Check it out! 💥Read the blog post💥

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