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I Asked 3 Polyglots How to Learn a Language Quickly

As for most of us, foreign language-learning skills come from the school system, which is questionable at best when it comes to effective teaching methods.

You might already know from following Speakly’s content that we strive to give you the best advice to help you speak foreign languages quicker than ever before. Who better to give you advice than actual polyglots who have a deep understanding of how language-learning works—and how you can learn better, too.

In this blog post, you’ll find practical advice on how to learn languages faster, offered by three top polyglots on YouTube. Enjoy!

Tip 1: Prioritize daily listening

In the below video, we discuss with polyglot Laura Maliszewska how massively important daily listening is for success in your target language, starting from day one.

You can check out Laura’s YouTube channel here.

Tip 2: Learn only what’s necessary

In the below video, we discuss with polyglot Lindie Botes how important it is to avoid the unnecessary at the outset of learning a language. The main focus should be only on the target language’s most important vocabulary and surrounding yourself with study content optimized for your level. This is the key to achieving speaking skills faster.

You can check out Lindie’s YouTube channel here.

Tip 3: Create a language environment

In the below video, we discuss with polyglot Big Bong how important it is to create a language environment of the foreign language so that you’re learning in your everyday life. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to follow loads of YouTube channels that feature your target language.

You can check out Bong’s YouTube channel here.

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