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What does it look like to learn with Speakly?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Speakly is a complete language-learning course that gives you everything you need to get from zero to a solid speaking level in just a few months. 🚀

But because Speakly uses a unique methodology, this is likely very different from what you have experienced in traditional language classes. Here is what you should keep in mind—along with some tips and tricks—to help you harness all the power Speakly has to offer. 👇

The most useful words and sentences

The first thing that you will notice about Speakly is that you will start learning useful words and sentences. But at first, it might seem like these words and sentences are put together randomly. This is because they are borrowed from different daily life situations. In actuality, there is nothing random about the Speakly approach. It’s based on more than five years of research on thousands of real learners and millions of bytes of data, all of which contribute to understanding which words you should learn and in which order, to arrive at a solid speaking level faster than with any other learning app.

To read more about how and why Speakly uses the unique approach of statistical relevance, check out this blog post.

Learning writing, speaking, and listening all at once

The next thing that you will experience is that Speakly teaches you the language in a progressive way. This means that you will first learn the most relevant words, and as the Speakly algorithms understand that you’ve learned them, it lets you form full sentences using these same words.

After you feel confident with those full sentences, the Speakly algorithm starts opening up LIVE-situations—real-life dialogues that prepare you for real conversations—using and combining these same sentences. And to top it off, after you manage those LIVE-situations, the application will open up listening exercises that reinforce all this vocabulary to push it into your long-term memory. 😉

Here’s what it looks like. 👇

Adjusting to your personal strengths

The good news is that the Speakly algorithm is smart enough to adjust to your strengths and your study tempo so that you can just relax and enjoy the ride—no need to choose or decide anything. Follow the guidelines and Speakly will develop all the necessary skills—vocabulary, writing, speaking, reading comprehension—all at the same time.

The only thing that we encourage you to keep in mind is that you should try to study a little every single day. We offer different daily goal tiers (five, ten, fifteen, and thirty words) that you should try to reach as consistently as possible. Our users’ data shows that learning ten new words per day provides the best long-term results. 🔥


Speakly is a complete language-learning course that gives you everything you need to get from zero to a solid speaking level. Just go with the flow: Follow the application’s lead and you will be surprised by how quickly you will start to understand and speak the language. 😉

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