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Practice your language skills with a personal tutor!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Speakly is an awesome language app that offers you everything you need to learn a new language. BUT sometimes, you may feel that you would like to have a tutor or a study group to squeeze even more out of your studies.

That's why we’ve created Speakly LIVE-courses, which offer both individual and group study options, the courses are led by the best Speakly tutors. The LIVE-meetings happen twice per week at a time that is most suitable for your schedule.

The LIVE-courses are great because, in addition to your individual studies with Speakly, you can have two LIVE-meetings per week to:

➡️ ask questions about grammar or any other language-related topic,

➡️ get support and motivation to achieve great results,

➡️ actively practice your speaking skills! 😎

Book your free 30-minute trial lesson

➡️ Click HERE or send an email to to schedule a free trial lesson.

➡️ We will contact you to schedule a suitable time for your trial lesson.

➡️ Voilà! You can experience everything that the LIVE-courses have to offer! 😎

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